ETX Capital

Driving rapid business growth without compromising personal customer service

The Scenario

When ETX Capital was incorporated in 1965 it was a small business that prided itself on looking after its customers. Nearly 50 years on ETX
Capital is now a Pan-European organisation with trading volumes of over $21 billion a month and three million trades a year executed on behalf of its 100,000 registered customers. Providing intelligent customer service is central to its ethos.

Joe Rundle, Head of Trading, at ETX Capital describes a typical day. “Our hedge fund team works with high net worth clients assisting them
with their portfolio management. Every client has a dedicated account manager whose work is individually tailored around their interests.”

“On the retail side we have two teams, sales and customer service. It’s not unusual to walk through our office and see every single person on the phone. The sales team is converting prospects into new online trading clients. Our customer service team sets up accounts and supports new customers until they feel comfortable with how it all works. We are always on hand for anyone to call up for help or assistance. We have a global client base but our primary contact centre is in the UK, so we are taking calls when markets are open – 24 hours a day. This isn’t an unusual challenge but one we wanted to excel at and not simply overcome.”

Business Requirements

ETX Capital relies on the telephone to gain and maintain market share. With a phone and CRM system working independently it was difficult to capture any business intelligence around call and customer trends. There was no way to improve the effectiveness of the team or the customer’s experience.

Rundle, “As head of trading, it is critical that I understand the effectiveness of our customer contact. A few of the staff were keeping
notes about calls in the CRM system but the vast majority never updated it. I didn’t know if our customers were receiving the standard of help and support our business expects, how sales deals were progressing via calls or, at the most basic level, if new calls were even being answered quickly. There was no issue justifying the budget for this project, it was essential.”

ETX Capital saw the benefits other organisations had experienced by integrating voice with CRM systems and, as the business is a heavy user of Salesforce’s CRM system, it knew that integration was the only solution.

Why Natterbox?

Natterbox leads the market with its voice reporting and analysis within Salesforce. It automatically pushes voice data into the CRM. ETX Capital employees continue to use the phone as normal; there is no change in their experience. The difference is that the business now has a wealth of business intelligence from voice available with the click of a button. Voice is automatically analysed against customer information in the CRM and presented in visually striking dashboards, all within Salesforce.

“It’s new technology helping us deliver ‘old school’ customer service. It doesn’t matter how fast we grow, our customers deserve to be treated as people and not account numbers.”

The impact

The system went live in Q4 2012 and every part of the business has seen an impact. For a firm like ETX Capital, capturing all voice data is not only a regulatory obligation but an invaluable tool in auditing and nurturing sales leads, helping to drive revenue growth and maximise every sales opportunity. In terms of management information, the Natterbox system can generate over 120 standard reports, allowing ETX Capital to track lead generation and support new business. With such in-depth analysis, this also helps with sales revenue predictions and cash flow, essential business indicators.

“The business intelligence we can now access has completely changed how my sales team works,” continues Rundle. “From having no visibility at all, we can now track the progress of every sales lead. I have complete transparency of the effectiveness of my sales team. I can spot the guys who just talk a good game and look after the ones who are actually intent on selling.

“It’s new technology helping us deliver ‘old school’ customer service. It doesn’t matter how fast we grow, our customers deserve to be treated as people and not account numbers,” says Rundle.

Future Plans

Rundle concluded, “We’re aiming to build a dedicated outbound team of some 50 – 100 salespeople. I don’t think that’s a big ask for Natterbox; its technology can help us win market share and then help us to deliver on those sales promises.”

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