The Jark Group has several subsidiaries, each focused on a specialist area of recruitment, located around the UK and internationally. The Jark Group selected Natterbox’s VoiceANYWHERE cloud voice services for its complete, corporate telephony solution.


The Jark Group is split across multiple geographic locations from Poland to Glasgow. “We required a corporate telephony solution that would give our entire business a voice and unite us on one system. Being part of a Group means that our brand and team culture is important to us; so we needed a flexible system that would deliver a consistent user experience for employees and customers” said the Group Support Director. The telephone is Jark’s most critical business communication tool with over 80% of employees spending 75% of their day on the phone. It was vital that the service was scalable, resilient and flexible.


“The telephony service from Natterbox met and exceeded our requirements. Because it is cloud-powered we no longer have to worry about extreme weather conditions or telephony system updates. The entire telephony infrastructure is easy to manage from Natterbox’s online management portal, accessible anywhere” said the Group Support Director. “The call reports have been the most impressive feature of the service. They’ve really come into their own in terms of helping our business to improve operational efficiency. In ‘interesting’ situations we’ve also relied on these call stats for evidence-based information to settle disputes.” said the Group Support Director.

“Natterbox’s approach to telephony is refreshingly new. Now, we have the ability to control our outbound telephone number presentation and short-code dial across the entire group. We’ve set up call policies to email or text missed call alerts to certain team members or groups so they can take the appropriate action. It’s this level of detail where you notice the quality of Natterbox’s offering. It’s enterprise class telephony that would have cost us a fortune to deliver ourselves on-site with a traditional PBX and, even then, the feature set would be greatly reduced” said the Group Support Director.


“Natterbox unites our entire business, across multiple locations on one corporate telephony service. From a management perspective, we have a Group overview of telephony activity for all the subsidiaries, at the click of a button. Our customers and employees enjoy a consistent, reliable telephony experience.” said the Group Support Director. We don’t have much interaction with Natterbox’s support team but when we do they have been excellent; knowledgeable, experienced and fast to respond” said the Group Support Director.

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