Pageant Media

Transforming voice communications into business intelligence

The scenario

Founded in 1998, Pageant Media has become a leader in providing specialist business information within its key markets, delivering authoritative, high quality news and intelligence across both print and digital platforms, as well as premium educational and networking events.

Business requirements

Pageant Media required Salesforce to deliver business intelligence that would help drive sales in the company. With an initial telesales team of 40 agents, it needed a service that could integrate all outbound calls into Salesforce. The solution had to improve the speed at which users could make calls and increase efficiency logging calls in Salesforce. It had to save users time on admin and improve productivity. Pageant Media required a system to be setup within three weeks. It needed to be implemented quickly and easily, with little onsite maintenance required.

Why Natterbox?

Pageant Media have adopted Natterbox’s Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), and are able to streamline their telesales system. Users have access to an outbound dialling solution from within Salesforce. The CTI allows users to click-todial in Salesforce, and put in end user notes and bespoke wrap up codes at the end of every call, maximising call efficiency. The service automatically logs calls in Salesforce, reducing admin time.

Pageant Media also adopted Natterbox’s call recording solution. Users can record calls on-demand and listen to playbacks from within Salesforce or via the Natterbox portal. Employees can listen-back to recordings to recall important information, and managers can listen-back to provide better coaching. Improved sales effectiveness subsequently generated significant growth for the company. Natterbox was able to get the system implemented in less than two weeks.

Key benefits

  • Natterbox was able to set up the system extremely quickly and met the exact business requirements.
  • The service helps maximise employee productivity by allowing users to make outbound calls directly from Salesforce and logs calls automatically. Sales people spend less time on admin and more time selling.
  • The use of call wrap up notes standardises the sales process for the telesales agents and helps progress the sales cycle.
  • Increased call data integrity in Salesforce allows for accurate sales predictions.
  • Using the service to capture call data ensures data integrity in Salesforce which ‘results in improved customer experience.

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