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Business Overview

Xref, an Australian startup has delivered innovation to the recruitment industry by developing an online candidate referencing workflow tool that allows prospective employers to professionally conduct pre-employment reference checks on suitable candidates. This saves recruiting organisations time, money and brings extra confidence to the reference checking process.

Business Requirements

Xref is delivered as a cloud service and their own technology infrastructure reflects this approach through being 100% cloud based with no datacentre in sight? A tall order for a small organisation with a global client base from the start. Not according to Tim Griffiths, Xref CTO and Co-founder; “Cloud is an accepted IT delivery model. We already use Salesforce CRM as a business and integration was a key requirement.”

Developing and managing business customers is paramount to Xref’s success and their customer experience has to be perfect. Their sales and service staff always have to be available, customer information in CRM to be instantly accessible on a call, and the call quality to be crystal clear.

To deliver this customer experience and be able to support their global ambitions, Xref’s decision criteria for their business telephony was challenging. From the outset they required a system that could start small, scale quickly and effortlessly, and provide the highest quality of service in any country in which they planned to do business. In addition, seamless integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud was a necessity.

Why Natterbox

The Xref management team are experienced cloud technologists and as such they knew what they needed from their business telephony system. Griffiths; “We knew there were plenty of VoIP solutions on the market that were very low cost but had huge limitations. There are actually not very many robust, well designed and globally engineered telephony solutions – Natterbox with their Cloud PBX is one of them.”

Natterbox had already established a strong reputation within the Salesforce user community as a telephony partner. Griffiths; “We had multiple recommendations from other users for Natterbox both for their technology and as a responsive organisation that delivered on its promises.”After a trialling and benchmarking program Xref deployed Natterbox Cloud PBX and Salesforce integration.

For telephony, all users and call policies are managed from Natterbox’s intuitive graphical portal which is described by Griffiths as “unlike anything else in the industry – and in a good way.” All staff telephones are integrated into the system, including mobiles, which ensure that sales and service agents are always available to customers. Inbound calls are routed to the correct person based on information in Salesforce and the client record is automatically opened so the agent has customer information to hand. Natterbox’s close Salesforce integration drives further staff efficiency through call data being captured and automatically added to Salesforce contacts, customised wrapcodes and CTI.

Xref was able to service international customers from the start. Griffiths; “The CLI meant that we could make international outbound calls to our customers and prospects look like local calls – an important tactic to increase response rates to calls. Also the local Points of Presence provided by the Natterbox global network delivered high quality, reliable calls.” In addition, Xref signed up to Natterbox’s fixed cost call plans to ensure low and predictable call costs.


After a short trial, the initial Natterbox deployment was completed in Sydney within days. Griffiths; “Natterbox delivered the phones and we set up our own call policies and users, although Natterbox will do this for you if you want. The Natterbox portal is so easy to use it was actually not a chore at all.”

Xref opened up their first international offices in London and Toronto and deployed Natterbox. Ed Allnutt, Managing Director – EMEA; “The new offices presented no problems at all for Natterbox, the phones arrived, we plugged them in and they just worked. We manage all offices from the same portal so when we have a new user anywhere in the world it takes us only 5 minutes to configure a number, include it in call policies for inbound call routing, map in any phone and integrate with Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.”

The reporting proved to be simple as well, with Natterbox’s native integration to the Salesforce platform all call data can be queried using standard Salesforce reporting.

Business Benefits

With Natterbox, Xref is delivering the customer sales and service experience that is driving their growth and making their global ambitions a reality. Their sales and service agents have an integrated telephony and CRM system that makes them successful and accountable. Griffiths; “Our objective is to effectively and efficiently service any client in any country at any time. Natterbox enables us to do this.”

The Future

Xref will continue its global expansion with Natterbox. Griffiths; “Natterbox is a true global partner for Xref, we are a small multinational business and we need technology partners that can deliver a brilliant service and scale with us as we grow our international business. It’s great that our telephony is one less thing to worry about.”

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