Increase employee productivity, ensure data integrity in and gain business intelligence. Voice Intelligence from Natterbox provides users the ability to make calls, retrieve customer records and automatically capture all call data to produce detailed activity reports and dashboards all from within Salesforce.
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Voice Intelligence


Complete control and visibility of ALL telephony within Salesforce

Voice Intelligence


ALL fixed and mobile call data captured automatically

Voice Intelligence


Unification of ALL call data with 120+ Business Intelligence reports available

CTI Features

Natterbox CTI is packed with intuitive time saving features that make call admin a breeze.

Single Sign-On Natterbox: Users are logged in automatically when they sign-in to their Salesforce account.

CTI Features

Click to Dial

Users can make a call by simply clicking on any phone number in

  • Save time dialling numbers
  • Improve call accuracy
  • Make follow-up calls more often

CTI Features

Screen Pop

Never make a customer wait while you fetch their record again! Natterbox CTI presents the user with the inbound callers contact and account name and a link to the customer record.

  • Give customers a personalised greeting when they call
  • Improve accuracy for record retrieval
  • Save time

CTI Features

Customisable Wrap-up Codes

Increase call wrap up time by between 60-80% with Natterbox. When a call completes, the user selects the relevant call outcome and the wrap-up code is added to the activity record. Customise to a user level directly from within Salesforce.

  • Save up to one minute per call on call admin time
  • Save up to 9 mouse clicks per call
  • Multilingual support

CTI Features

Live Call Notes

Let’s face it, no one likes tying up call notes in CRM. Natterbox Voice Intelligence makes it easy. Capture live call notes within Salesforce during a call which can be saved together with the wrap-up up codes and call activity record. Natterbox makes taking call notes easy.

CTI Features

CallerID/CLI Management

Users can select which Caller ID / Caller Line Identification (CLI) to present or the CLI can be set dynamically by system based predefined rules such as country code for example.

  • Call from a DID but present the general switchboard number or your mobile for return calls
  • Think global act local. Make calls into a local area and present a local number for return calls
  • Make it easy for customers to return your call

CTI Features

Call Hold, Call Waiting, Call Transfer

Users have complete control of their telephony within Salesforce.

Why bother with hold and transfer buttons on a phone when you can just click!

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Capture Features

Capture Features

Call Data Population

All call data is automatically captured and placed as an activity against the relevant contact, lead or account. Calls to and from unrecognised numbers are captured into the unique Call Assignment Dashboard for easy integration into Salesforce records.


Activity Assignment Dashboard

All user activities are captured and classified into categories in the system, to be used for the production of dashboards. Works with Custom Objects: Natterbox will integrate all call activity into Salesforce customised objects and fields.


Works with Salesforce workflow triggers

Salesforce workflow triggers can use all Natterbox call data.

Hear what our customers are saying about Natterbox

JARK Group

“Natterbox unites our entire business, across multiple locations on one corporate telephony service. From a management perspective, we have a Group overview of telephony activity for all the subsidiaries, at the click of a button. Our customers and employees enjoy a consistent, reliable telephony experience.”

Business Advisory Service

“With a reliable system, focus can shift from infrastructure and onto the customers – who are the most important thing to us.”


“Natterbox is flexible, scalable and efficient. As an online business, telephone interactions represent an important opportunity to get closer to our customers. You can’t put a price on their experience”

Report Features

Report Features

Salesforce Native Reports

Choose from 120+ customisable native call activity reports.

Report Features

Salesforce Dashboards

Access dashboards that summarise all daily, weekly, monthly and yearly call activity and filter results according to variables that can be set or dynamically modified.

Salesforce Analytic Reports: Advanced profile users can create customised reports correlating call activity, preferred variables or objects with other business information.

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