Record to recall

Record to recall

For quality and training purposes or internal and regulatory compliance, Natterbox voice record makes call recording easy and affordable for any business. 100% cloud no need for expensive hardware or storage. Your recordings can be securely accessed directly from the relevant customer record in Flexible recording policies and cloud archiving options.

  • On demand call recording, start recording at any point
  • Comprehensive range of compliance features
  • Integrated with

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Record to recall

Salesforce Integrated Recordings

Record calls on demand, pause and resume as many times as required. All recordings can be accessed directly from the call activity record within Salesforce.

Record to recall

Comply with local privacy and record keeping regulations

Automated 2 way multilingual recording announcements and beep alerts. Offer callers the ability to opt out via IVR. Audited and controlled archive retrieval. Automated compliance notifications. Restrict downloading of recordings and policy changes.

Record to recall

Set access permissions to recordings

Owner Access Only: Individual recordings are accessible by the owner only.

Profile Based Access: Recordings can be accessible by other users if they have an authorised profile, such as managers for review and training purposes.

Record to recall

Variable storage and Access periods

Store recordings in the cloud or to Natterbox supported on-premise call loggers. Cloud based recordings can be played and accessed whenever needed.

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