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Follow-The-Sun Support – Isn’t Just About The Sun!

Follow-The-Sun support well deserves its highly accolated reputation. The system enables you to provide your customers with 24/7 support worldwide, previously a level of service only available to big corporation’s customers. You can read about what 24/7 FOLLOW-THE-SUN support is, why it’s important and the infrastructure challenges faced when providing it in our previous blog…

Follow-The-Sun Support: The Challenges And How To Overcome Them

Follow-the-sun support has fast become the top worldwide standard of customer service. The idea is to provide all your customers and (potential) customers throughout the world with 24/7 support by call routing to available service representatives around the globe. As the support centre in London enters the afternoon shift New York is just starting up. New York hands over to Sydney and so the cycle goes on, providing continuous support and service 24/7. Previously the exclusive jurisdiction of…

Cloud vs Hosted? Same Same but different!

Moving your PBX to the Cloud is no longer an exotic idea. We are now seeing broad adoption of this strategy for business telephony but if you regularly hear the words Hosted, Cloud and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) used in the same sentence to describe the same thing you are not alone. There is understandably some confusion around these interchangeable terms so it’s worthwhile you pressing your Hosted/Cloud/SaaS provider for more information about…

Moving your Voice to the cloud

Some of you may be thinking that the acceleration of digital communications must surely portend the decline of the telephone, in fact one or two of may be wondering how long it will be until the ubiquitous chunk of plastic will disappear from our desks altogether. Whatever it is you are thinking some things are for sure, one is that despite being 140 years old, the original “killer app” – the telephone, which has evolved little from the basic concept of “two cups and a piece of string”…

Maintaining trust in a global business environment

Research released by the Royal Mail last week emphasises many of the points raised in our recent report, UK Micro-Multinationals: Business Beyond Borders. It states that 35% of the British businesses they surveyed believe that Europe holds the most potential to generate new sales for them. Our own research suggested the same, particularly emphasising our country’s business relationships with robust Western European economies such as Germany and France. Aside from factors like their…

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