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Why the telephone still rules

Over the past few months, we’ve asked the team at business incubation network, Sussex Innovation, to research micro-multinationals; small businesses who start to trade overseas early in their lifecycle. We already feel that we know a lot about what it’s like for these companies – many of them are our customers, after all – but we wanted to know more about how they are managing their growth, why they are looking to international markets, and most importantly, how we at Natterbox can help…

Natterbox to revolutionize Global Voice Cloud Telephony for CRM users

leading UK-based global voice cloud services provider today announced it would be featuring Natterbox Voice Cloud Telephony, the first complete global telephony system managed completely from within CRM at Dreamforce® 16. The global service sets off a new era in self-service for both landline and mobile telephony – for the world’s leading enterprise cloud ecosystem. With this innovation, Natterbox has pioneered…

‘Brexpansion’ Under Threat? Micro-Multinational Growth Could Be Jeopardised by EU Uncertainty

Research conducted by Sussex Innovation indicates that Western Europe is still the key market for UK SMEs expanding internationally Micro-multinationals understood to drive innovation and economic…

It’s Good to Talk: Online Capabilities Fuel Micro-Multinational Growth But the Telephone is Still Vital for Customer Relationships

Research conducted by Sussex Innovation reveals that UK SMEs are reliant on email, CRM and telephony when expanding internationally. Social media a comparatively low priority for global…

The Challenge teams with Natterbox

Charity for building an integrated society connects generations with telephony and Salesforce integration. London August 9th 2016. Today Natterbox announces that The Challenge, the UK's leading charity for building a more integrated society has chosen Natterbox cloud telephony and Salesforce integration to help get more young people involved in the NCS (National Citizen Service), a government-backed programme which brings together young people from diverse backgrounds, providing them…

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