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Natterbox secures 122 percent YoY growth with global expansion of voice cloud services

UK cloud provider brings business telephony into the digital age London, UK 4th June 2015 - Natterbox, a UK voice cloud services provider, which provides complete control and visibility of a company’s customer voice interactions, has achieved 122 percent year on year bookings growth in its last quarter. This result confirms Natterbox’s continued expansion in the cloud PBX and Salesforce voice integration markets and…

Natterbox available on World’s Leading Business Appstore. Appexchange customers can now rapidly enable voice services on Salesforce

Natterbox, the leader in cloud-based voice services, today announced its presence on the world’s most popular business-to-business appstore, Salesforce.com’s appexchange. The listing now makes Natterbox Advanced Voice Services, including Natterbox Voice Intelligence, accessible to millions of salesforce.com users who want to boost employee productivity and increase user adoption. Despite the increasing popularity of CRM systems to improve customer service and reduce the burden on sales…

Telephony and CRM: Chalk and cheese or BFFs?

Charles Heunemann, Global Head of Sales and Marketing, Natterbox Apples and oranges, chalk and cheese, telephony and CRM - it’s all completely different stuff, right? Those who work in telephony, and those who work in CRM are entirely different creatures. Telephony specialists are usually traditionalist gurus with their head in a world of networking and hardware, and no tolerance for meddling outsiders. On the other hand, CRM experts are cloud-based software revolutionaries, who live in a…

Deloitte and Natterbox collaborate on innovation in voice intelligence

Deloitte is focused on helping clients tackle their most complex business challenges, often with Salesforce technology. Their professionals offer deep industry insight, proven customer solutions experience, and salesforce.com know-how to help client realise the full value of their investments. With business communications still conducted primarily over the telephone Natterbox glues together the Telephone and CRM, uniquely integrating all call activity and recordings directly into CRM…

Natterbox’s Voice Integration with Salesforce: Are you capturing voice communication into your CRM?

The pace of technological innovation is accelerating. Businesses need to exploit developments to ensure they have a competitive cutting edge. Many companies already use Salesforce as their CRM and Natterbox has provided a simple bolt-on sales tool which businesses should consider investing in. Natterbox has devised a revolutionary idea to…

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