For mobiles & landlines. 100% cloud, no apps
Works with any browser or computer device

Customer experience shouldn’t be a gamble, get the right result every time they call.

Natterbox integrates mobile and landline telephony with your customer relationship management system (CRM). It uses this information to intelligently manage the caller experience: prioritise VIPs, block spam callers and automatically connect calls to the correct contact in your organisation such as an Account Manager or, if the call was unexpectedly disconnected, the last person they spoke to. Stop your customers waiting ‘on hold’, stop missing new business calls or losing your contacts in your corporate telephony system.

You need to integrate your business voice. Not lots of phone devices.

Natterbox supercharges your CRM with complete integration of your customer relationship management and telephony systems. We stop you caring what telephone device employees are making calls from so they could be using their iPhone or landline, laptop or Mac. All call activity, including recordings, is integrated to the CRM systems so it sits in parallel with customer information to enhance both your CRM and telephony service.

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Give your CRM a voice and your employees a productivity boost. Cloud Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Natterbox’s Cloud CTI offers complete integration of voice and your CRM system. This gives end users complete control of voice within the CRM with features such as quick keys to allow users to answer, transfer, pause or hang up calls, all via the CRM system, with no interaction from any phone handset. Click to dial makes calling outbound numbers fast and accurate and screen popping customer information for inbound calls allows your business to always be informed when a customer is on the phone. From the moment users log-in to their CRM they can start using Natterbox Cloud CTI as it requires no additional sign-in . It works with any phone system, web browser and it requires no hardware or software.

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