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Decrease in call waiting times


Increase in revenue per transaction


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Natterbox’s industry-leading integration with Salesforce is essential to what we do."

Geoff Duncan, VP of Marketing

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PropertyForce provides real estate opportunities to investors who are seeking to acquire off-market properties, below market value, to generate passive rental income or instant equity with renovations. As the industry leader, PropertyForce uses advanced technology to acquire the best residential real estate properties to support the investment goals of their clients.

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PropertyForce is in a space called wholesale real estate, a market in which the company purchases residential properties from homeowners and resells them to investors. The firm builds awareness and new business through an extensive marketing program that drives an important call to action. It involves submitting a form so that PropertyForce can secure the contact information of a prospective homeowner.

When a prospect calls PropertyForce directly, it is extremely important that the call is answered by the right agent, at the right time. This is by no means a minor consideration – the company handles a large number of direct calls, particularly as homeowners decide to move on from their current property, and they look to PropertyForce for assistance. It is absolutely critical that every call is handled promptly and without any hiccups whatsoever.

When the pandemic hit, we had to completely change our business. The fact that our entire business suddenly went remote overnight with the support of Natterbox, we honestly would not have survived had we not switched providers.

Geoff Duncan, VP of Marketing



PropertyForce realized that it needed to be able to quantify, at every level, what happens when a prospect calls – and ultimately what happens with each call. The company also needed visibility into its data and wished to maintain pristine records and documentation at all times.

Natterbox fulfilled all of these demands while enabling PropertyForce to transition to remote work overnight and avoid the inevitable disruptions that would have occurred with their previous phone system. Natterbox also empowered PropertyForce to make updates directly through Salesforce. This was a significant improvement over the old solution, which required PropertyForce to filter updates through an outsourced IT provider.

Better still, Natterbox increased PropertyForce’s conversion rate by 32% and increased its revenue per transaction by 33%. PropertyForce can now determine how and when leads and prospects are being contacted, and how long those conversations last, providing greater insight into the firm’s efficiency.

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Natterbox has helped PropertyForce improve its flexibility with routing policies and quickly implement changes to the system. Instead of manually entering details, leads are automatically created in Salesforce when a prospect dials in. Every aspect is tracked automatically; agents are no longer responsible for making sure the company has clean data, and marketing has 100% attribution.

Natterbox has also given PropertyForce visibility over its contractors, pinpointing when they make and receive calls. Wallboards provide real-time insights that allow PropertyForce to determine who is available to help as incoming call volumes fluctuate. Natterbox also enabled PropertyForce to reduce its call wait times by 50%.

With 24-hour support, PropertyForce employees are able to work whenever and however they want, knowing they have a reliable partner they can count on to provide the support they need at all times.

These are just some of the reasons why PropertyForce chose Natterbox over the competition and looks forward to continued success together.

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