Close Salesforce telephony integration and office move service continuity

Business Overview

Talentforce is an innovative social recruiter that runs one of the largest SaaS communities in APAC. They work with cloud evangelists and organisations that depend on cloud and SaaS services to run their businesses. Talentforce has built their business and their stellar reputation on relationships with the people and the organisations working with cutting edge technology, this includes their founder, Lee-Martin Seymour, running the Sydney Salesforce User Group.

Business Requirements

Talentforce walk the talk when it comes to their own technology. Their IT infrastructure is delivered by best-of-breed, cloud-based applications, centred on the Salesforce platform. Their previous telephone system was delivered by a hosted PBX system that was limited in features, offered no integration with Salesforce and did not provide the consistency in reliability that Talentforce clients had come to depend on. In addition they were dependent on the hosted provider to make simple configuration changes which was very frustrating.

Why Natterbox

Talentforce met Natterbox at the Sydney Salesforce User Group. Lee-Martin Seymour, Director Talentforce; “We invited them to present to our user group and they set about wowing the group with some amazing capabilities.“ Talentforce chose Natterbox Cloud PBX for their telephony requirements and Voice Intelligence to integrate telephony with their Salesforce CRM system. Lee-Martin Seymour; “I had Natterbox come in and install their service and they had it up and running in an afternoon.”

They implemented personalised call routing so that existing customers are greeted by name and routed directly to their account manager without needing IVR. When the account manager takes the call the customer record is automatically displayed, and calls are automatically logged against the customer record. Further staff efficiency is driven by using wrap-up codes for calls and click-to-dial to eliminate manual dialling.

The Results

The Natterbox system has driven customer relationships and improved both customer information and staff productivity. Lee-Martin Seymour; “The Talentforce team is always on the move, but it doesn’t matter if people are in the office, at home or on their mobile, with the device-independence of the Natterbox system, and intelligent routing based on information in Salesforce, our customers can always get hold of their Talentforce contact. Previously when a client called in we had every phone in the office ring, now calls get automatically routed to their account manager. The team can now ring clients with Click to Dial from the contact record and when a client calls in, Natterbox automatically pops their Salesforce contact record saving our guys loads of time doing record search and manually dialling numbers, which has been really gratifying. But perhaps best of all the calls are automatically logged to the client record and the Natterbox CTI prompts us to wrap up the call with a customizable wrap code which means we get 100% of our calls documented.”

As a small business Talentforce do not have dedicated IT staff but the intuitive Natterbox administration system does not limit the benefits, Lee-Martin Seymour; “From a management perspective what I like best about the administration console is its dead easy to make changes to the call policies where previously we were dependent on our provider to make changes which was always a bit of a pain.”

Moved by Natterbox

Talentforce partially credit their adoption of Natterbox Cloud PBX and Voice Intelligence for their recent business growth which required their relocation to a new office. During the move the Natterbox system automatically routed calls to staff mobiles so that customers could still reach their Talentforce contact via their land line number. Even though the internet connection for the new office was not yet available, connectivity was assured by setting up a 4G wireless access point and connecting the Natterbox plug-and-play phones.

Lee-Martin Seymour. “Natterbox never ceases to amaze me with their innovation and ability to provide a telephony service under almost any circumstances. We just moved and plugged the Natterbox phones into the 4G access point and they just worked! If we were with any other telephony provider the lack of telephone or IP lines would have been a real disaster, fortunately for us we had no downtime with Natterbox. He added; “Moving office is complicated enough – having the peace of mind of a telephony system that is geographic-independent and 100% available makes total business sense.”

The Future

Lee-Martin Seymour; “For a business like ours Natterbox delivers a lot of value. Its capabilities seem to be limited only by your imagination, particularly the depth with which it can reach into Salesforce. We have a lot more we are looking forward to do with our new phone system, but is has been a pretty exciting journey so far.

Talentforce’s Website: http://www.talentforce.com.au/

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