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Natterbox Mobile

A game-changing Salesforce voice experience — from anywhere.

Whether you’re in the office, on the road, or working remotely, you can get the complete Salesforce voice experience on your mobile.
Work how you want, where you want

Search and call Salesforce contacts, change your availability status, and more directly through your mobile — all while displaying business-owned phone numbers.

Don’t feel tied to your desk

Automatically capture call data and wrap-up notes inside Salesforce, ensuring your CRM is always up to date. Eliminate the need for time-consuming manual updates back at the office.

Optimize your operations

Create integrated teams of mobile, desktop, and non-Salesforce users so your all-star sales reps and service agents can drive results from anywhere.


Ready to work how you want, where you want?


Automatic Data Capture

Make Salesforce your single source of truth and eliminate the need for additional admin when on the move.

Salesforce Address Book

Search and click-to-dial Salesforce contacts and your organization’s contacts from directly within the Natterbox Mobile app.

Call Recording

Record both inbound and outbound calls as if you were on a desktop and play them back in Salesforce.

Set Availability

Update your availability to let your team know whether you’re available to take calls or not.

Call Wrap Up

Add call notes in Salesforce in real time directly from the Natterbox Mobile app.


See your missed calls, voicemails, and outstanding wrap up activity.

Start Driving Results for Your Business

See how Natterbox streamlines processes and productivity for your contact center agents, sales teams, operations, and remote workers. Whatever your role, Natterbox can be tailored to you.

Isn’t it time for a voice solution that works for you?

Start maximizing your ROI in Salesforce using a CTI solution that understands your unique needs.