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Call Recording

Automatically record calls for quality assurance, training, and compliance purposes.

Keep teachable moments on the record

Make it easier to resolve customer service disputes efficiently while gaining complete visibility into employee performance and identifying areas for improvement.

Call center recording for Salesforce
Streamline security and regulatory compliance

Set and adjust access controls, call recording policies, and archiving policies from directly within Salesforce.

Scale up with confidence

Leverage call recordings from anywhere to achieve consistent levels of customer service and sales productivity across your entire organization.


Ready to have teachable moments on the record?


Record_Cloud storage
Cloud Storage

Store your call recordings in the cloud from 12 months to 25 years.

Ironclad Security

Call recordings are stored securely and redundantly.

Record_salesforce playback
Salesforce Playback

Play and link recordings to customizable objects from inside Salesforce.

Record_compliance tools
Compliance Tools

Meet compliance regulations using attended or automated IVR consent and customizable recording alerts.

Record_Access control
Access Controls

Leverage access control permissions to ensure the right employees have access to the appropriate recordings.

Record_Pause Resume

Pause and resume recordings to remove sensitive call data from conversations with your customers.

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