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Remote Assist

Seamless screen and camera sharing for single call issue resolution

Eliminate prolonged and convoluted customer service interactions with Natterbox Remote Assist. Resolve complex queries effortlessly with live video support, all within a single call.

Elevate Customer Engagement with Visual Support

Empower your contact center agents and sales reps to deliver exceptional support by incorporating visual elements into customer interactions. With Natterbox Remote Assist, you can turn complex queries into seamless solutions with the power of live screen and camera sharing, enabling agents to visually guide customers through tutorials or troubleshoot issues in real-time. Only send out field agents when for more complex issues, fostering trust and enhancing engagement.

Enable Seamless Integration for Effortless Assistance

Streamline your support process with Natterbox Remote Assist’s seamless integration, allowing for effortless transition from traditional phone calls to dynamic screen and camera sharing. Fully integrated with Salesforce, agents and customers can easily share screens or camera feeds, providing visual support to increase first contact resolution. No additional apps or software needed, ensuring a frictionless support experience.

Increase CSAT with Single Call Issue Resolution

Single call issue resolution significantly boosts customer satisfaction by addressing problems quickly and efficiently, reducing the need for repeat interactions. For contact centers, this leads to higher agent productivity and lower operational costs, directly improving ROI by maximizing resource utilization and minimizing customer churn.


Ready to enhance your agents’ toolbox with screen and camera sharing?

Key Features

Camera Share

Customers or field agents can easily use their mobile device’s camera to provide a live view of a product or item that needs visual inspection.

Screen Share

Customers can quickly and easily share their computer or mobile screen with agents to streamline troubleshooting or receive assistance with live on-screen tutorials.

Video Call Recording

Access all of your video calls directly in Salesforce along with all of your voice calls for easy future access and reference.

Video Transcriptions

Post call transcription for every video call whether it’s a screen share or a camera share, allowing for AI analysis just like any Natterbox voice call.

Field Support

Field service agents can visually consult with experts or back-office support in real-time, provide evidence of completed work, or show reported damage.

Customer Service & Support

Provide customers with live visual guidance, whether it be with assembling a product, or troubleshooting a technical issue when spoken instructions are unclear or insufficient.

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