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Place more candidates in the right roles in less time.



Place the Ideal Voice Solution for Your Business

Recruitment relies on prompt, efficient communications throughout the customer journey to deliver the best candidates. Get the edge over your competition with Natterbox, and optimize your customer journey, increase the speed of conversations, and build better relationships.
Maximize recruiter productivity

Being the first recruiter to get in touch with a candidate increases your odds of hitting your KPIs. Natterbox enables you to create call lists, click-to-dial candidates, view a candidate’s information on a single screen, and drop a pre-recorded message in their voicemail if they don’t pick up.

cloud voice solutions for recruitment
Elevate the client and candidate experience

If a candidate has a subpar experience, they’ll look for a position elsewhere. Similarly, if a company doesn’t feel like a VIP, they’ll move on to another recruitment firm. By presenting your agents with all the Salesforce data you have on a caller, Natterbox’s CTI solution helps you give candidates and clients efficient, personalized service throughout the recruitment process.

Gain insight into your operations

To improve agent performance, candidate experience, and internal strategy and resourcing, managers need a 360° view of the people on both ends of recruitment calls. Natterbox automatically captures critical data points from every call, helping you track KPIs through Salesforce.


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