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Spring 2024 Product Release

Sam Swain


Welcome to Spring 2024 with Natterbox: Blossoming Conversations Await!

As we embrace the refreshing spirit of spring, Natterbox is excited to introduce our latest set of features and enhancements aimed at enhancing your customer conversations and simplifying your operations. With our Spring Release 2024, we’re rolling out a range of innovations spanning Natterbox VoiceAIDigital Channels, and Salesforce Supported Products, poised to elevate your interactions to the next level.

Natterbox Voice: Amplifying Conversations with Enhanced Capabilities

Continuing our commitment to excellence in 2024, we’re thrilled to share upgrades and enhancements within Natterbox Voice, the cornerstone of your service and sales operations. This quarter, our focus has been on enhancing agent efficiency with a suite of features including Enhanced Voice Wrap-Up, Microphone & Speaker Notifications, Expanded Dial List Objects, My Caller ID Updates, and Transfer Button Visibility Controls.

Our Enhanced Voice Wrap-Up features offer real-time wrap-up timers, wrap-up time extension, and early exit controls. Agents can navigate post-call tasks seamlessly, ensuring that every interaction concludes with precision and professionalism, while admins can monitor performance and intervene as needed with new Wallboard notifications if an agent is in wrap-up for too long.

Microphone and speaker notifications are now available by default for all Natterbox CTI users. With visible microphone and speaker indicators on the CTI, agents can be notified if the active microphone or speaker changes while on a call for any reason with confidence, ensuring uninterrupted conversations and enhanced call quality. 

Agents can now create dial lists using the Case and Opportunity objects, in addition to Account, Contact, and Lead. With customized dial lists, agents can accelerate outbound calls and maximize productivity, empowering your teams to engage with confidence and efficiency.

We’ve updated the Organizational Numbers section of My Caller ID for all Freedom CTI users. The display now starts with the name column first, followed by the phone number column, and third the routing policy that it is assigned to. Previously you could only see the routing policy followed by the number itself.

Lastly, due to popular demand, it is now possible to hide the Transfer Button. With added controls, admins can tailor the agent interface to suit your preferences and hide the transfer button if desired.

Interested to learn more about Natterbox Voice Solutions? Contact us today!

AI: Cultivating Insights with Precision

As we kick off 2024, Natterbox AI remains one of our key focuses, with lots of anticipation for what lies ahead. These initial introductions mark the beginning of a wave of innovative AI features set to roll out in the months to come. At Natterbox, our AI journey begins with precision transcription of every call, laying the groundwork for insightful analysis through Natterbox Insight. Explore below for more details on our improved transcription model and AI Call Summaries Anywhere feature.

Our new transcription model provides more accuracy and efficiency, with up to 20% improvement in transcription accuracy. This enhancement empowers you to extract deeper insights from your conversations at lightning speed, enabling informed decision-making and facilitating meaningful connections with your customers. Harness the power of reliable data to craft compelling narratives and drive impactful outcomes with confidence. 

In our Winter 2023 Release, we announced AI-powered Call Summaries with Natterbox Insight. We are delighted to introduce AI Call Summaries Anywhere, a feature that allows you to integrate automated call summaries seamlessly into various Salesforce objects, ensuring that valuable insights are readily accessible wherever you need them. With AI Call Summaries Anywhere, not only can you view summaries within the Insight window, but you can also choose to add them to contact records, accounts, cases, or any custom object. This feature increases productivity for your agents and enables you to glean actionable intelligence from every conversation effortlessly.

Interested to learn more about Natterbox AI Solutions for your team? Contact us today!

Digital Channels: Nurturing Connections Across SMS

Integrating SMS and other digital channels into your service and sales strategies marks the next significant leap forward with Natterbox. While voice remains pivotal, customer preferences are evolving, with many opting for messaging over traditional calls. This spring, we’re thrilled to unveil three enhancements to our SMS capabilities: Expanded SMS Coverage, innovative Digital Wrap-Up features, and the much-awaited Digital Interaction Reporting.

We’re excited to share that we’ve continued to increase our global accessibility and have expanded our SMS coverage to 20 additional countries, now bringing our total number of supported countries to 32. The newly supported countries include the following:

  • Austria
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Philippines
  • Portugal
  • Puerto Rico
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • South Africa
  • Spain

Visit here for the complete list of all supported countries.

With Digital Wrap-Up, you can now extend the efficiency of wrap-ups to your SMS conversations, seamlessly capturing segments or entire conversations, adding context-rich notes, and assigning wrap-ups within Salesforce. This streamlined process enhances collaboration and ensures no interaction goes without insightful follow-up.

Digital Interaction Reporting offers a comprehensive view of agent performance and interaction volume, enabling you to generate auto-summary reports based on your preferred time intervals. Armed with actionable analytics, you can optimize your digital engagement strategies, delivering exceptional customer experiences across all your SMS conversations.

Interested to learn more about Natterbox Digital Channels and SMS Solutions? Contact us today!

Salesforce Supported Products: Enhanced Omni-Channel Integration

Natterbox seamlessly integrates with the Salesforce Enhanced Omni-Channel experience, offering enhanced functionality without additional actions required. Whether you’re leveraging the latest Salesforce features or planning an upgrade, rest assured that your Natterbox experience will remain seamless and uninterrupted.

Interested to learn more about how Natterbox integrates with Salesforce Omni-Channel? Contact us today!

Natterbox Platform: AWS Migration Update

At Natterbox, we uphold the highest standards by harnessing AWS and Tier-1 carriers worldwide to deliver crystal-clear call quality. With a commitment to availability, we achieve 99.99% uptime through AWS’s industry-leading cloud services, strategically distributed across 3 fully independent Availability Zones in 6 regions for enhanced redundancy. 

Our global scalability and resilience are further reinforced by AWS, enabling seamless resource scaling and consistent performance across our unified platform. Additionally, our ISO 27001 and GDPR-compliant infrastructure prioritizes security, ensuring the protection of customer data and providing peace of mind.

In Summary: Embrace the Renewal of Spring with Natterbox

As spring unfolds its tapestry of colors, we invite you to embrace the spirit of renewal and growth with Natterbox by your side. Our Spring Release 2024 heralds a new chapter in customer engagement, where conversations flourish, connections deepen, and possibilities abound. From AI-powered insights to omni-channel engagement and seamless Salesforce integration, Natterbox empowers you to cultivate meaningful relationships and drive business success with confidence and ease.

Let us show you how Natterbox will fit your business communication neeeds, contact us today!