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Service Cloud Voice

Natterbox, the telephony partner of choice for Salesforce Service Cloud Voice.

Transform your customer service experience with Service Cloud Voice and Natterbox. Seamlessly integrate your telephony with Salesforce CRM to record, transcribe, and summarize every call using AI technology. Utilize Service Cloud Voice alongside Natterbox Remote Assist for swift issue resolutions through camera and screen share functionalities. Additionally, empower your business with two-way SMS communications between you and your customers. With Voice, SMS, and Video capabilities, Natterbox and Service Cloud Voice offer a comprehensive multi-channel solution for both your service and sales teams.

Elevate Your Telephony Integration with Salesforce Data

Empower your voice communications as a primary digital channel optimized for the Salesforce platform through the seamless connection of your telephony system with Service Cloud Voice. Whether you choose to retain your current provider, integrate with Microsoft Teams, or leverage Natterbox’s cloud PBX solution, unlock comprehensive insights by recording, transcribing, and summarizing every conversation using AI technology. Gain unparalleled visibility into all interactions shaping your business landscape.

Empower Smarter & Faster Issue Resolution

Give your service team a faster and smarter way to handle calls, from anywhere by integrating telephony and routing calls all on one platform. With tools like video Remote Assist, on-call recommendations, workflows, and automatic call Wrap-Up, all powered by real-time call transcriptions.

Build Loyalty with Every Phone Call

Empower your service teams to deliver personalized, smart service with partner telephony integrated in Customer 360. Pairing your customer data with an intuitive drag and drop IVR builder to create seamless experiences that build long-lasting loyalty, without ever needing to leave the Salesforce platform. Better handle call volume, speed up call resolution and raise CSAT.

Supervise Teams in Real-Time from Anywhere

Monitor calls and capture insights to assist and coach your service teams, no matter where your agents are working. Leveraging voice transcription to surface AI-powered agent recommendations, taking the guesswork out of quality assurance, and ensuring you always deliver a 5-star service.

Simplify Your Operations with WFM

Contact centers face growing challenges in optimizing their workforce to meet fluctuating demand. Natterbox partners with Playvox, a leading provider of workforce management (WFM), to enable managers to optimize agent scheduling, improve forecast accuracy, and enhance overall operational efficiency.


Bring together CRM, Voice, SMS, Video, and Conversational Intelligence with Natterbox and Service Cloud Voice

Key Features

Native Salesforce Integration

Scale and manage your global business phone system, without ever needing to leave the Salesforce platform.

NB-Icons-1B_Voice Transcription
AI-Powered Voice Transcription

Record, transcribe, and automatically summarize every call with Natterbox AI providing actionable feedback inside Salesforce.

NB-Icons-1B_Call Filtering
Full Telephony Compatibility

Choose between staying with your existing provider, integrate with Microsoft Teams, or use Natterbox’s own cloud PBX.

Intelligent IVR

Leverage your customer data using an intuitive drag and drop IVR builder within Salesforce, using clicks not code.

Call Disposition Codes

Create and report on a customized set of disposition codes so you have a clear record of the outcome of every call.


2-way SMS conversations brought directly to your agents for streamlined communication and issue resolution.

NB-Icons-1B_Competition-CX (1)
Post-Call CSAT Surveys

Enable customers to rate interactions they’ve had with your agents following calls to track customer satisfaction.

Virtual Queueing

Enable your customers to hang up the phone and receive a callback when they reach the front of the queue.

Remote Assist

When a simple phone call isn’t enough, seamlessly enable screen and camera sharing for one call issue resolution.

Select the Right Plan for you


Fully-featured solution for small to midsize contact centers and sales teams.

  • IVR, Auto Attendant, & Hunt Groups
  • Call Recording
  • Native Service Cloud Voice Embedded Dialer
  • Listen-in, Barge, & Whisper
  • Native Salesforce Reports
  • Real-Time Dashboards
  • 24/7 Support
most popular

Next-level voice features that facilitate more personalized conversations.

Everything in PRO, PLUS:
  • Advanced Contact Center
  • ACD & Call Queues
  • Skills-Based Routing
  • Salesforce Dynamic Routing
  • Enhanced TTS
  • Web2Lead
  • Email, SMS, and Chatter Alerts
  • Local Presence Dialing
  • Post-Call CSAT Surveys

For companies that need advanced configuration and want full service.

  • Conversational Intelligence Package
  • AI-Based Call Coaching
  • Advanced Custom Call Flows
  • Ongoing Optimization
  • Quarterly KPI Business Reviews
  • Priority Customer Support
  • Dedicated Success Manager

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