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Conversational Intelligence

Natterbox Insight, an AI-enhanced conversational intelligence solution that takes the guesswork out of quality assurance and training.

Natterbox Insight combines voice transcription, sentiment analysis, and advanced AI-powered conversational intelligence to give you an in-depth understanding of the conversations happening across your business. Quickly identify which calls and the sections of those calls you should listen to, and spot opportunities for employee recognition and coaching.



Make your experience actionable

Stop wasting time manually combing through your call recordings. Natterbox Insight highlights specific conversations that represent both the best and the worst of your employees’ interactions with customers and prospects. This takes the guesswork out of quality assurance and makes it easy for managers to provide employees with actionable feedback directly against the record in Salesforce.

Call center recording for Salesforce
Track trends and call sentiment

Keep track of positive and negative conversations to make quick, actionable improvements to your business. Use Salesforce reports and dashboards to monitor trends, enabling you to address issues before they become major pain points and drive continuous improvement across your organization.

Drill down into your conversations

Gain a nuanced understanding of how your customers and prospects really feel. Natterbox Insight can search your call recordings for mentions of specific keywords and topics to provide you with a summary of when and how frequently these come up in conversations with customers and prospects. This information can drive dramatic improvements in overall customer-centricity.


Ready to start analyzing your conversations?

Key Features

NB-Icons-1B_Call Filtering
Call Filtering

Filter your search to flag the calls that require your attention, saving time manually sifting through call recordings.

NB-Icons-1B_Categories and Intent Analysis
Categories & Intent Analysis

Analyze and drill down into self-managed custom categories and intent e.g. mentions of ‘pricing’ on a sales call or ‘complaint’ about customer service.

NB-Icons-1B_Health Wellness
AI Call Summaries

Automatically generate clear and concise summaries that condense the most valuable information from each conversation, regardless of the call duration.

NB-Icons-1B_Voice Transcription
Voice Transcription

Accurately convert voice to text across English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Korean, and Hindi.

NB-Icons-keyword tracking
Keyword Tracking

Monitor specific keywords and get directed to when and where they’re discussed in your call recordings.

AI-Based Call Coaching

Share important calls with your employees and add training notes to give direct feedback inside Salesforce.

NB-Icons-2B_salesforce playback
Salesforce Playback

Listen to key sections of your call recordings from directly within Salesforce and tag teachable moments for training.

why-nb_Data Driven
Trend Analysis & Reporting

Track key trends and report on the impact of your training directly inside Salesforce without leaving the platform.

Salesforce Notifications

Get notified when feedback is left so you can make quick, actionable improvements and complete recommended training.

Start Driving Results for Your Business

See how Natterbox streamlines processes and productivity for your contact center agents, sales teams, operations, and remote workers. Whatever your role, Natterbox can be tailored to you.

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To maximize your ROI in Salesforce, you need a cloud telephony provider that understands your unique needs. Natterbox helps you leverage the power of voice to boost productivity and transform the customer experience.