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Decrease in work involved in escalated cases


Cost savings due to efficient workflows


Hours a week saved in reporting

Never underestimate the power of having people who actually want to help you before, during, and after implementation. I felt like I had some very specific needs that Natterbox met.

Penny Davis, Senior Manager Contact Center

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United States


George P. Johnson (GPJ) is a multinational event and experiential marketing agency, with over 20 offices worldwide. GPJ also provides other services such as digital, multimedia and physical marketing interactions, as well as offering brand management services and consulting. GPJ has a diversified client portfolio from various industries, including over 40 Fortune 500 Companies.



GPJ’s previous phone system was not growing in conjunction with their business needs, and they had several items not functioning in a manner that was supporting their business model. Generating reports was extremely difficult and time-consuming, which used to take up to 10-20 hours a week.

Downtime was another critical issue that was interrupting the flow of departmental functions and negatively impacting their service. They just wanted a solution that was reliable. 

In addition to these issues, the routing system was overly complicated with an unintuitive UI. For example, adding closing times to their global call queue required custom code to be updated.



After looking at other potential solutions, Natterbox was identified as the best fit for GPJ. This selection was made not only because of the UI and how easy it was to use, but also because of the integration with SalesforceTM.

Due to all call data being captured directly in Salesforce, the team are now able to generate reports in a matter of minutes which has significantly increased their visibility and reporting efficiency.

Another reason GPJ chose Natterbox was their team of people. They felt that the Natterbox team were experts in their field and were able to identify immediate solutions to improve their business.

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Natterbox’s seamless integration with Service Cloud, has resulted in GPJ reducing the extra work normally involved in escalated cases by 75%.

The team at GPJ have become more efficient; they no longer need to spend excessive amounts of time creating and maintaining call queues. Everything has become easier; from reporting to training, to reducing the number of clicks for the Customer Service team. This has resulted in a 20% cost saving of around $20,000 a year in training, implementation fees and time combined.

With GPJ’s 5-year plan to increase global Customer Service representatives, they are excited and confident that they are able to grow with Natterbox.

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