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It’s a part of business – as you grow, you outgrow the systems that helped you grow. If we wanted to continue offering our customers a high level of service, we needed a voice solution that could scale with us, giving us flexibility without being hugely expensive. At the same time, we needed a solution that would handle data within a framework that is compliant with all the regulations we are subject to, whether FCA or GDPR.

Stefano Giudici, Lead Product Manager

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Founded in 2011, Moneyfarm is a digital wealth manager that helps people protect and increase their wealth over time. It was launched out of a belief that the wealth management industry was failing to cater for the needs of many people. Guided by the principles that families should be able to invest their money simply and effectively, Moneyfarm created a service that gives people access to investment advice and high-quality products at a family-friendly cost.

Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, it offers advice and discretionary investments to 30,000 customers in both Italy and the UK, with over £400 million assets under management.

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Despite being a digital-first business, being able to connect customers with human investment consultants lies at the heart of Moneyfarm’s business. Offering a more human and secure communication to customers was critical.

In the early stages, simply having multiple telephone lines provided the access customers needed. However, as the business grew, this became more complex, with limited ability to route calls quickly, struggles to connect mobiles with landlines, being unable to track calls and patchy line quality. On top of this, FCA regulations and the introduction of GDPR requires that all calls between customers and investment professionals have to be recorded and customers’ data handled and stored sensitively and securely.



To find that level of flexibility, combined with the ability to capture and hold sensitive data, Moneyfarm chose Natterbox to provide a voice solution for its frontline staff, in its CRM, sales, and operations teams.

The Natterbox solution allows Moneyfarm to automatically route customer calls to the relevant teams, ensuring that queries and issues are dealt with quickly and providing a consistently high level of customer service. With investment consultants traveling between offices a lot, Natterbox allows mobile phones to be plugged into the system, making it easy to pick up and make calls no matter where they are while maintaining the ability to track and record as required.

We need to give our customers access to our consultants when they want support, not when it suits us. Having a solution that allows us to seamlessly connect our employees across Europe means we deliver a high level of service while working remotely from another office.

Consistent call quality is another factor that can impact customer service, something Natterbox delivers.

We can’t have an unreliable phone system, and the conversations our customers want to have can be sensitive. If we can’t hear them properly, it frustrates both them and our employees. Natterbox’s reliability and call quality means we don’t have to worry about whether the system is going to work. It just does.

Moneyfarm has also benefited from Natterbox’s consultative approach, backed by responsive customer support.

We were pretty clear on what we needed but working with Natterbox meant we drew on their team’s experience to implement approaches and processes in slightly different and more efficient ways. We’re also receiving a level of customer support we wouldn’t have got with an off-the-shelf solution.

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