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From the time the customer call is answered by name through to a fast, informed, and effective call conclusion, the customer experience is like nothing they have ever received from a bank. Word of mouth about the quality of our service is driving our business, because of the support from the Natterbox platform.

Alex Webber, Chief Growth Officer

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Financial Services




N26 is a bank designed for the 21st century and is disrupting the traditional consumer banking industry. Optimized for the smartphone generation, customers can complete their account sign-up in 8 minutes and access innovative personal banking features in security, transaction management, and communications.

Starting in 2013, N26 had several thousand customers and a long waiting list to join their service. This has since grown to 8 million customers! Driving this growth is a customer experience focus that has been described in the media as “N26 could be the best banking experience in Europe.”

The European customer experience in banking is rooted in the last century. The Smartphone is the bank manager of the future and self-service with an amazing customer experience is what we deliver to our customers.

Alex Webber, Chief Growth Officer
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The telephone customer experience is critical to N26’s success, as it’s the primary channel in how they establish trust with their customers.

Customers talk to agents who take customers through the sign-up process and are available to help existing customers. Providing the best experience demanded a number of requirements for their business telephony and Salesforce CRM system. These included capturing and recording all voice communications for security and training purposes, being able to identify callers for a personal greeting, and ensuring agents were as productive as possible by providing instant access to all the customer information and automating processes.

We have to get the responsiveness, personalization and quality of the customer experience just right. Having a closely integrated telephone system and Salesforce is critical to achieving this.



Natterbox was chosen to provide the voice system with call recording that integrates with their Salesforce CRM.

With the Natterbox solution, callers are automatically identified and routed to the right agents who greet them by name. All customer information is onscreen at the start of the conversation, including details of previous calls. Calls are recorded and process automation such as wrap-up codes ensures that information and actions are quickly captured. In addition, comprehensive reporting delivers significant management insight into the agents’ performance.

As well as fulfilling our criteria we received many recommendations for Natterbox, not just for their technology but for their levels of customer service too – we expect our suppliers to be as customer-focused as us.



As well as high productivity, the personalization and Salesforce integration is delivering the customer experience that N26 demands.

The global Natterbox infrastructure is also delivering cost management and high call quality. From a business management perspective, the depth of reporting available from Natterbox is helping optimize management decisions.

Without Natterbox our agents would not be able to complete anywhere near this number of customer calls. The reporting gives complete transparency around the agent’s calling metrics, it helps us with resourcing, identifying problems and defining best practices for the team.

The Future

N26 is clearly on an exceptional growth path and Natterbox is set to support their expansion. As they further expand internationally the scalability, routing, language support and call cost management of the Natterbox cloud service will ensure that they will maintain their incredible customer experience and run their business effectively.

How native Salesforce telephony helps financial institutions deliver personalized service at scale, securely and compliantly.