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Dreamforce 2023, our Top 3 Spots

Natterbox Team


Dreamforce was back in San Francisco, September 12-14 and we were there along with 40,000 other trailblazers from around the world. The 3 day event saw over 1,500 sessions and speaker events, exhibitions and loads of great conversations.

So what were our top 3 spots from this years’ event?

Salesforce, The Trusted AI Platform 

The generative AI boom over the last 12 months has given rise to a growing appetite for a ‘trust’ based counter revolution, according to Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff. 

He used his keynote address to make bold attacks against other generative AI vendors, accusing them of not taking trust and hallucinations seriously. 

AI hallucinations are a lingering issue that the industry must deal with if it is to tackle a widening “trust gap” that has emerged in recent months. We will prioritize accurate, verifiable results, our product policies protect human rights, and we advance responsible AI globally, just as we always have. Transparency builds trust

Marc Benioff, CEO Salesforce

This announcement comes as Salesforce research earlier this year revealed that 73% of employees believe generative AI raises “new security risks” while nearly two-thirds (60%) of those who plan to use the tech “don’t know how to keep data secure.”

Einstein 1 Platform Debuts

Salesforce unveiled its newest artificial intelligence platform during Dreamforce 2023, the Einstein 1 Platform. This platform connects data from the Salesforce Data Cloud, Einstein AI, and Salesforce metadata framework to create AI-powered applications. Einstein 1 Platform enables users to safely connect data from other systems and use it as actionable Salesforce objects. 

The metadata-enabled objects can be customized to support thousands of different data inputs and can accommodate trillions of rows. The platform can trigger Flows with a variety of changes, including inputs from IoT devices, computed insights, or AI predictions and can handle up to 20,000 events per second. Additionally, the Einstein 1 Platform can communicate with both legacy and modern systems.

Launch of Einstein Copilot

Salesforce introduced the Einstein Copilot GenAI conversational AI assistant in a pilot program. This new tool is built directly into every Salesforce application, allowing users to ask queries in natural language while receiving accurate and reliable responses based on secure company data found in the Salesforce Data Cloud.

The AI assistant will also go beyond simply answering questions to enabling users to take more actions based on the responses they receive. Salesforce says that users will now have the ability to implement recommended action plans after a sales call or quickly create service knowledge articles, among other potential actions.

The use cases for Einstein Copilot are varied, with the tool automatically generating sales emails to fit specific customer contexts and drafting clauses for embedding into customer contracts. It can also surface key details in customer calls rather than requiring users to examine long transcriptions and automatically produce campaign emails and surveys based on user actions. 

Missed Dreamforce?

We certainly had a great time meeting with so many people at Dreamforce, spinning up demos of our latest solutions and giving out great swag. We know though that it’s not possible for everyone to attend. So if you weren’t able to, you can still get in touch and we can fill you in on everything you missed.