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Keep Perfecting the Hybrid Work Model for Employees

Natterbox Team


Did you miss the big news? Salesforce has announced new capabilities to enable all companies to build a digital HQ. Alongside this, new Slack innovations that help improve collaboration across organizational boundaries and empower teams to embrace asynchronous working, the opportunities for organizations to create a seamless digital experience for their teams has never been easier.

The news emphatically confirms our belief that companies within all industries can hugely benefit from creating their very own digital HQ to support remote and hybrid work across every department, as hybrid models come into full effect.  

A recent study found that one in five employed U.S. adults, whose jobs could be mostly or entirely performed outside of the office, worked from home even prior to the pandemic. That jumped to more than seven out of 10 people during the pandemic. And now, (54% said they’d like to continue working from home after the pandemic ends. There’s even evidence to show that many of the businesses struggling to find new talent, are struggling because they aren’t offering the flexibility that people now want. 

So, if you want to keep your employees and attract new ones, it’s time to start thinking about how you can best support them while offering maximum working flexibility.  

Last year, we announced we were bringing together the power of Microsoft Teams and Salesforce to enable organizations using both services to gain greater visibility over all calls. And it’s been hugely successful so far.  

Users are provided with much greater visibility over their calls, with vast amounts of data being pushed into Salesforce from each one. The added visibility provides valuable business updates through activity history tasks, which are saved against relevant contact records, as well as Salesforce reporting objects. Live call notes and wrap up codes are also included, as well as click to dial from within Salesforce, allowing users to make calls with ease.

The importance of this is the idea that we are enabling businesses to integrate all of the applications call agents use on a single day, into one single view. This is a key step towards helping employees build their very own digital HQ that enable them to work from anywhere with ease. 

The world of hybrid work is something we are all continuing to navigate, and all companies must put themselves and their teams in the best possible position to thrive with the right tools.

Salesforce’s recent announcements are incredibly exciting and mark the first in a new wave of developments in the industry as we emerge from the pandemic and into an increasingly hybrid world. Here at Natterbox, we are constantly exploring new innovations and partnerships that can boost our offering. So, watch this space…  

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