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Remote Working

The End of the Office Workplace. Remote Workers, Are You Ready?

Natterbox Team

Remote Worker Ready for Work

With offices closing and employees working from home, it’s crucial that organisations maintain business continuity in times of such uncertainty.

Having access to the right collaboration tools and business apps like Slack, Gmail, Google Docs, Hangouts, Cloud Telephony, Quip and Salesforce, to name a few, are indispensable at this time.

With remote working becoming the norm, the challenge is making sure customer service and employee productivity doesn’t slip. Ensuring your remote workforce stays connected is imperative to maintaining customer experience, especially with the expected increase of voice communication through this time. Remote management also becomes increasingly more complex without having full visibility of your team’s activities and performance to know when and where more support is needed.

Organisations need to start evaluating how they’re going to support their remote workforce by streamlining operations and by building a digital workforce programme to ensure they have access to the right tools to get the job done. Being able to communicate effectively and track performance may seem a given, but so many organisations are still yet to harness the power of such technologies that allow them to do so.

By leveraging the right technology, you can enhance communication and collaboration between you and your team, measure your remote team’s performance effectively, and ensure there’s seamless business continuity so your employees, customers and prospects are not affected.

The end of the office workspace is coming. How are you ensuring your organisation is ready?

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