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Watch On-Demand – The Role of ChatGPT in Predictive Customer Service

Natterbox Team


In our AI webinar series, we’ve been exploring the practical applications of new AI technology across the customer service sector.

Throughout the series, we have sought to provide your guide to how generative AI is revolutionizing customer service, driving personalization at scale, and making it easier for agents to do their job and managers to monitor performance, ultimately with the aim of improving the customer experience.

Hosted by Natterbox President and CSO Chris Martin, CPO Jamie Cooper, Product Manager James Radford and special guest, Neil Armstrong, Senior Director of Product Management, Service Cloud at Salesforce, our fourth and final episode in the series looked at how Generative AI can play a crucial role in predictive customer service.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The emerging trends that are shaping the way businesses engage with their customers
  • Best practices for leveraging predictive customer service to unlock extraordinary results
  • Why trust is going to become an increasingly important factor when choosing and using AI technology
  • Plus more

If you missed the live session or just want a recap, you can view the webinar recording.