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Salesforce CTI Integration

Seamlessly integrate your business telephony system inside Salesforce for unparalleled visibility of every call.

CTI, or computer telephony integration, is a key component to any customer service strategy. Salesforce CTI is one of the most popular methods used to connect your business phone and CRM platform together. Allowing your phone conversations to be tracked inside Salesforce Service Cloud and Sales Cloud for true business insight.
Unlock the full potential of Salesforce

Our unrivaled CTI integration allows you to natively run Salesforce reports, helping you to optimize ROI and gain complete visibility into the performance of your sales and contact center teams.

Boost sales productivity

Help your sales team spend more time selling and less time on admin work. With a range of features like click-to-dial, automatic activity tracking, and voicemail drop that boosts productivity by 25%.

Create next-level customer experiences

Give your service reps the power to deliver personalized customer experiences with instant access to full service history in Salesforce, resulting in faster resolutions and enhanced customer satisfaction.

salesforce cti integration

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Voice_Real-Time Call Coach
Screen Pop

Instantly understand who’s calling you and why they’re calling with a 360° view of your prospect and customer information.

Automatic Data Capture

Make Salesforce your single source of truth and eliminate the need for additional admin.


Make calls directly from Salesforce by simply clicking a lead/contact record’s telephone number — no more manual dialing.

Salesforce Address Book

Search and click-to-dial Salesforce contacts and your organization’s contacts from directly within Salesforce.


Dynamically push leads, contacts, and accounts for your reps to call from any number in Salesforce.

Global Platform

Scale and manage your phone platform easily within Salesforce — no hardware or software.

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