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Uptick in sales opportunities raised


Reduction in call quality issues


Visibility of all calls made

It’s rare that I’m so impressed with a solution that I write a 5-star review, but that’s exactly what I did when Natterbox was launched.

Stephen Leckey, Head of Data, Technology and Analytics

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Accquis is a dynamic brand that represents a diverse group of companies in HR, Finance, IT, and Marketing. They’re not your average company – they’re always on the lookout for innovative ways to deliver greater value to their businesses and customers across various sectors.



Accquis had been a long-time advocate and user of Salesforce CRM, incorporating various features like websites, email systems, and voice telephony. However, they were facing a significant challenge with their existing voice system – it simply wasn’t meeting their needs and lacked integration with Salesforce. This meant they couldn’t take full advantage of the invaluable customer data contained within Salesforce, resulting in manual interventions and inefficiency when recording customer interactions. Inefficiency is the archenemy of success, and Accquis knew they needed a voice solution that was not only fit for their needs today but also for the future.



Eager to find a solution that could tackle their voice integration challenges head-on, Accquis embarked on a quest to discover the perfect fit for their needs. They consulted with Salesforce and scoured the market, eventually finding their answer – Natterbox’s Voice for Salesforce solution. What set Natterbox apart? It was 100% native to their Salesforce CRM, making it a game-changer. By seamlessly integrating their voice solution within Salesforce, Accquis gained access to a goldmine of rich data, elevating the customer experience to new heights.

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Since implementing Natterbox, Accquis experienced a wave of positive results across multiple areas. Here’s a glimpse into their success story:

Streamlined and Automated Workflow:

Natterbox seamlessly lives within Salesforce, eliminating the need for juggling multiple screens and manual call logging. Everything is taken care of automatically, resulting in a single source of information for the sales team. Now, they can focus more on what matters – sparking conversations and delivering wow moments to customers.

Empowered Managers:

With Natterbox’s integration, managers now have true 100% visibility of their agents’ call activities regardless of their location. This enhanced visibility has not only improved overall efficiency but also provided the opportunity to motivate and coach agents based on accurate call information. The result? More calls made and more opportunities logged, propelling Accquis towards greater success.

Reliability Redefined:

Gone are the days of outages and technical issues plaguing Accquis’ voice system. The Natterbox system is incredibly reliable, boasting an availability rate of more than 99.99%. Now, the IT support team can breathe easy, as issues are rarely reported.

In addition to these incredible outcomes, Accquis also achieved:

  • 90% reduction in call quality issues, ensuring crystal-clear communication with customers.
  • 100% visibility of calls, making it easier than ever to introduce power hours and supercharge productivity.
  • A remarkable 20% uptick in opportunities raised on the system, as Natterbox unlocked the full potential of their valuable Salesforce data.

Accquis Group’s decision to choose Natterbox as their voice solution provider has transformed their contact center operations and set them apart from the competition. Are you ready to join the Natterbox revolution and unleash the full potential of your voice solutions? Reach out to us today and let’s spark a conversation about how we can help deliver wow moments to your customers too.