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Natterbox’s very friendly, engaging team listened to what we wanted and we’re really pleased. Natterbox PCI Payments has helped to deliver a secure, easy to use way for us to take customer payments over the phone.

Craig Goldsbrough, European IT Manager

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Christies Direct was established in 1992 and has become one of the leading Dog Grooming Suppliers in the world. Stocking one of the widest ranges of grooming products available anywhere, Christies aims to deliver outstanding service to customers who are looking for the best for their pet.

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Like any business taking card payments over the phone, Christies Direct need to be PCI DSS Compliant, ensuring their customers details are safe and the business isn’t liable for any fines or fees due to non-compliance.

Whilst Christies Direct was already compliant, the existing solution was not ideal; requiring a degree of manual intervention, nor did it integrate particularly well with their Salesforce CRM system. The team were looking for a solution that would offer an efficient and streamlined process which would enhance the customer experience, able to give agents the ability to support customers throughout the payment process. Additionally, a better way of supporting remote workers taking payments was needed. With significant numbers of agents working remotely, this was of particular importance.

Being part of the early access program, we went in with our eyes wide open, expecting to see a product warts and all. We were really pleased with the solution from day one. Our feedback was well received and we had great responsiveness from both Natterbox and PCI Pal. It’s great to know we helped to develop and improve the product still further which will of course benefit other customers in the future


The solution utilizes a compliant payment solution by PCI Pal, integrated into the Natterbox Voice for Salesforce product. The solution allows Christies Direct to take card payments securely, using DTMF (telephone keypad) capture and masking technology while the agent and customer remain on the call. Card details are sent direct to the payment gateway provider via an encrypted connection and are kept away from the contact center which could be a security risk, protecting the business and customers. Additionally the system setup means that the customer stays on the call with the agent throughout the process, meaning support can be provided if needed, no switching between systems, silent periods or anything else that might detract from the customer experience. PCI Pal secures payments for some of the largest companies globally, and so was a natural partner to power Natterbox PCI Payments. 

As an early access customer, Christies Direct worked closely with the Natterbox development and implementation teams to finely hone the product to suit their needs and to ensure it works seamlessly as intended.

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Since launch, agents are now able to take card payments over the phone in an easier, smoother and more joined up way. With Natterbox PCI Payments sitting inside of their voice solution, itself fully embedded into Salesforce, it’s so much more efficient to process these types of payments than it had been previously.

Customers are also benefiting. Firstly their payment details are being processed in a more secure way, but also reducing the number of systems means that their calls can be dealt with more quickly, whilst providing continuous support and contact with the agent they are dealing with. From a customer experience perspective they receive a better service and can have even more confidence that their personal details are secure.

Feedback from agents has been really positive too. Not only on how easy it was to start using, but also how the Natterbox team are responding to feedback that might be useful in future releases.

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