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Moving to Natterbox has unlocked the true potential of Service Cloud Voice, enabling us to deliver an even better experience to our valued customers.

Daniel Embretsen, CRM Manager

Use case

Service Cloud Voice






Established in 1996, Hemfrid is a leading provider of commercial and domestic services like cleaning, gardening, and moving across major cities in Sweden. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and recommendations, Hemfrid sought to integrate their telephony into Salesforce CRM for improved efficiency and customer experience.



Having opted for Salesforce Service Cloud Voice provided by another telephony partner, Hemfrid initially believed they had found the right fit. However, they quickly encountered issues with call quality and poor service. The lack of customization and integration with Salesforce data raised concerns, as it was a key driver for selecting Service Cloud Voice.

The Hemfrid team questioned their decision and decided to explore alternative solutions, despite the significant investment in Salesforce and Service Cloud Voice implementation.



Understanding the criticality of exceptional customer service, Hemfrid evaluated multiple providers and ultimately chose Natterbox as their Service Cloud Voice and telephony provider.

Natterbox’s solution offered Hemfrid a superior phone experience, empowering agents with a faster and smarter way to handle calls. The customizable features, such as the intuitive drag-and-drop IVR builder and insightful call performance data capture, provided better access to crucial Salesforce data, ensuring a more personalized customer engagement.

By opting for Natterbox as the telephony provider, Hemfrid also gained access to Natterbox Cloud PBX for seamless voice traffic management.

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The decision to switch to Natterbox as Service Cloud Voice and telephony provider has yielded several notable advantages for Hemfrid.

Firstly, Natterbox’s customer-focused approach addressed Hemfrid’s primary concern of inflexibility and limited self-service options. Natterbox empowered customers to make minor changes, like adjusting service hours for holidays, through intuitive self-service tools, eliminating the need for time-consuming support conversations. This shift provided customers with greater control and resulted in a more customized and satisfactory experience.

The ability to make minor changes without complex and lengthy support conversations means we save significant time. What used to take a week or more can now be done in minutes

Daniel Embretsen, CRM Manager, Hemfrid

Call quality has significantly improved, overcoming previous frustrations related to clarity and availability. Hemfrid’s customers now enjoy clear call quality, facilitating smoother communication and enhancing the overall customer experience.

With over 8,500 monthly inbound calls totaling more than 50,000 minutes, the volume of calls generated a wealth of valuable data and insights. Thanks to Natterbox’s seamless integration with Salesforce, Hemfrid’s 200+ users can work more efficiently, accessing and utilizing customer data within the CRM. This streamlined workflow minimizes the need to navigate multiple programs and screens, resulting in a better customer experience and increased loyalty.

The support culture has also undergone a transformation with Natterbox. Hemfrid previously experienced impersonal support, often being passed between different support centers worldwide. However, with Natterbox, they now enjoy closer collaboration and dedicated in-house experts, enabling faster and more personalized support. This seamless relationship has not only ensured a smooth deployment but also provided Hemfrid with a trusted point of contact, eliminating the frustrations associated with remote and unfamiliar support channels.