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It was a very professionally led project, with a lot of business understanding. Everyone was really helpful and the deployment team left us feeling confident.

Anna Brooks, Head of Operations

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Talixo is the world’s leading B2B ground transportation solution, offering pre-booked minicab and limousine services through its global network of drivers and vehicles.

With innovative in-house technology, Talixo is revolutionising leisure and business travel by seamlessly integrating with booking flows of travel industry partners. So no matter if travellers book a flight, hotel or any other travel activities, Talixo aims to have them book a transfer and A to B services as well to ensure a seamless travel experience – door to door.



Having been established as a start up in Berlin in 2012, Talixo quickly grew to become a leading taxi and limousine booking operator across more than 1000 global cities.

The business was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic which saw bookings decline significantly, but as soon as things started to pick up it was clear that the existing telephony system was not going to be up to job. It lacked scalability and was not fully integrated into the company’s Salesforce CRM platform.

With significant growth predicted, the Talixo team started to look at a system that would integrate with Salesforce and offer better efficiency and customization than their current solution.



Natterbox, Voice for Salesforce was chosen as the new solution for Talixo. The company was attracted by the ability to offer much greater scalability as the team grew post-pandemic and also the ability to incorporate agents whether they be working in the office or be based elsewhere such as remote workers.

With the ability to offer much greater personalised customer interactions, Voice for Salesforce was also a clear choice as it met the desire of the business to improve customer satisfaction in a competitive marketplace.

Following a smooth implementation period which saw no major issues, the Natterbox team were able to quickly get Talixo up and running with their new solution. Key to this was listening and understanding to the needs of Talixo as a business, ensuring that any personalizations and specific needs were baked in right from the first day of use.

Agents reported how easy and intuitive the system is to use, minimal training was required thanks to clear materials supplied by Natterbox. This meant that Talixo were able to enjoy the benefits of their Natterbox voice solution with minimal fuss, a real win when changing such potentially complex systems.

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Since launch, the Natterbox system has been highly successful for Talixo. Improved integration with Salesforce now means that greater personalization can be made when a customer calls. The IVR system easily allows callers to input their booking number, providing agents with all the details they need when dealing with the call. The result is faster, more efficient calls with customers appreciating the personal touch. Most importantly Voice for Salesforce is much more scalable than the legacy system. As the business grows and develops post-pandemic, investment in this technology will put Talixo in a stronger position as the market recovers and customer demand increases.

Greater Agent Performance Visibility

Previously, agent performance was difficult to measure, particularly for remote workers. Thanks to Natterbox, this is now a problem of the past. Managers can quickly and easily monitor agents, ensuring they are working as efficiently as possible and delivering their best performance. The solution provides a great way to deliver feedback and provide targeted training in a way that simply wasn’t possible before.

Improved Customer satisfaction 

Was one of the critical reasons for adopting the Natterbox solution. Thanks to the ability to create and send post-call Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) surveys, Talixo have been able to see an improvement in their performance. In such a competitive market, high levels of customer satisfaction are crucial to create loyalty and differentiation from competitors. 

Call Waiting Times Reduced

Before the implementation of the Natterbox solution, call waiting time was an average of 68 seconds. Now thanks to Voice for Salesforce, call waiting times have reduced by more than 40%, in part down to more effective routing, ensuring that calls are moved to a back up team if the primary team members are all busy on other calls.

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