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Natterbox has allowed us to increase our performance and offer an even better service to both consumers and our accredited businesses.

Bill Fennell, Managing Director & Chief Ombudsman

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United Kingdom


The Motor Ombudsman (TMO) is the automotive dispute resolution body that has provided resolutions to thousands of businesses including vehicle manufacturers, warranty product providers, franchised dealers and independent garages. They provide a self-regulatory environment for the industry using its Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) approved Motor Industry Codes of Practice.



The Motor Ombudsman’s previous phone system was outdated and lacked a connection to any CRM platform, which meant they had zero visibility on how many calls were being taken or missed per day. Call recordings are a fundamental requirement for TMO, and with their previous system, they were simply placed unlabelled into a network file. This resulted in a long process for recalling customer calls involving the need for the team to manually sift through and listen to them individually. Not only a poor use of employee time, this also delayed the case handling process which meant stressed customers often became even more frustrated, making the whole experience negative for both the customer and the call agent.



Natterbox’s global business phone system was identified as the best solution for The Motor Ombudsman’s needs. It is fully embedded and managed within Salesforce™, therefore allowing call recordings to be easily stored and accessed directly by users, and provided a suite of management reports. Their previous system required on-the-ground IT support to fix any technical issues, which resulted in them having to liaise with multiple third parties. Now, with the Natterbox platform, TMO has a much more effective troubleshooting process, which takes place remotely via the customer service helpline, increasing the overall efficiency of the organisation, and allowing employees to spend more of their time dealing with the disputes that they are working to resolve.



The Motor Ombudsman now has a 360-degree view of 75,000 incoming calls a year. Call agents can easily and securely access information on a customer as soon as they are connected. This includes a background on their open cases, a log of previous interactions they have had with TMO, as well as details of who within the organisation they have previously had contact with. Resulting in a 50% reduction in call handling time and zero missed calls. A previously overwhelmed customer service team is now not only able to deal with problems more efficiently, but can also handle them in a more professional manner, thereby leaving callers satisfied.

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