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It was easy, the systems intuitive and the team were fantastic. The people at Natterbox made a huge difference to the whole process

Sally Flewitt, Business Change Manager

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From a market leader in the provision of technology to mortgage advisers and lenders to a growing presence across both wealth and protection advice, Twenty7tec is one of the leading B2B fintech businesses in the UK. Today the business partners with over 17,000 advisers across wealth, mortgages and protection, who use the platform every day to efficiently and profitably deliver outstanding advice to their clients. 

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Founded in 2014, Twenty7tec has grown from startup to a leading provider. During this period of growth the business has grown quickly and focused on expanding the client base whilst operating with 3 distinct systems for CRM, Customer Support and Telecommunications. Whilst this approach has served Twenty7tec well, our internal systems and processes had not had the same dedicated approach that their products had and so there were inefficiencies.

With the business at a major crossroads, the decision was made to bring in a new CRM and Service platform and use this as the basis for a new approach to delivering great service and better account management. The team understood the importance of integrating telephony into their new CRM and Service platform and set out to find a provider to partner with for this exciting change.

The whole project of replacing such a crucial part of our architecture was a potential headache, Natterbox made it easy. The implementation went smoothly and the Natterbox team were on-site to deal with any potential problems


Having researched the market and undertaken a number of product demonstrations, Twenty7tec opted to partner with Natterbox to implement a voice solution. This would replace their legacy telephony system and bring it right up to date and fully integrate with the CRM and Service platform.

The Natterbox solution enabled them to enhance the personalization of their service and also increase efficiency through use of automation and significantly improved visibility and analysis in a way that wasn’t possible before.

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Since fully implementing Natterbox, Twenty7tec has transformed their whole sales and customer service operation. Thanks to the new extended call wrap up status, the number of missed calls has dropped significantly as the intelligent routing means that calls are only directed to agents who are free and able to help other customers.

Even simpler features such as the ability to have greater visibility of the number of calls made, and a simple one click on the number in the CRM to dial have been game changing for the team.

Call hunt times have been reduced by up to 150%, thanks to the increased efficiency offered to the agents, but also an IVR system that allows customers to receive many automated updates without actually having to speak to someone has helped deflect calls and improve the speed of updates. Personalising the call journey was also very important to Twenty7tec, and now customers are greeted by name when they call up.

A big result has been the ability to voicemail drop when making sales calls. No longer do agents have to record an individual voicemail for each person they call, a few clicks and one pre-recorded voicemail can easily be sent to that person and the agent can move swiftly onto their next call. This has typically saved around 20 seconds per call which when added up throughout a typical campaign of 350 calls is a significant amount of time. 

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