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Key Benefits of Salesforce CTI Integration for Sales

Natterbox Team

Sales rep working hard on her laptop

A Salesforce-integrated CTI solution streamlines critical sales processes, provides valuable insights on telephony data, and delivers greater visibility into your team’s activities.

Here’s how you and your sales team could benefit:

1. Reach Prospects Faster

By boosting productivity and eliminating the need for manual dialing with automated dialers and click-to-dial within Salesforce, you can dramatically increase the amount of outbound calls you make each day.

Using a Salesforce CTI solution, you can reach more prospects faster with local presence dialing, improving pickup rates by 30%. If you end up reaching an answerphone, you can use voicemail drop to leave pre-recorded messages in your prospect’s voicemail, enabling you to move on quickly to the next call.

2. Drive More Conversions

Get instant access to all your prospect’s information — including their location, job title, and activity history — on one screen in Sales Cloud®, enabling you to create personalized sales experiences that increase conversion rates.

Using Web2Lead, you can automatically trigger a sales call as soon as a prospect expresses interest on your website. Reducing the time it takes to speak with your top prospects and guarantee you beat your competition.

3. Achieve Greater Visibility

Gain complete visibility of your sales team no matter where they’re working from and what devices they’re using. View all your call data directly in Salesforce, making it easy to track your team’s performance and make data-driven decisions.

With real-time dashboards that enable you to keep your finger on the pulse of major sales KPIs, a host of productivity-boosting features and automated activity capture of every call, Natterbox empowers sales teams to get even more out of Salesforce Sales Cloud®.

Start turning your conversations into conversions with Salesforce CTI Integration