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Sales Engagement

Revolutionize sales processes and boost productivity for every inside rep every day.

Start developing the best sales cadences and activity sequences to bring out the best in your reps and make every sales success easily repeatable, using Natterbox and Sales Engagement – formerly High Velocity Sales.

Create Sales Cadences & Coach Effectively

By creating sequences of sales activities, sales managers can create the perfect sales process to bring out the best in their reps and make every sales success easy to repeat. Managers can keep track of positive and negative sales conversations, automatically provide call scripts to agents, and listen live into calls to offer real-time call coaching.

Call Prospects Faster

Increase sales pickup rates by 30% using local presence dialing, multiple voicemail drops, and more, to save hours everyday. Natterbox’s native CTI solution raises productivity by putting click-to-dial right in the Sales Engagement console, as well as giving you the ability to create cadence branches based on call results.

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Less Admin, More Selling

Reduce manual data entry with automatic activity capture, meaning you spend more time on deals, not data entry. Automatically associate relevant voice calls to the right records and save 75% of time using click-to-dial and automatic call logging inside Salesforce. Sales reps will now have everything they need to sell faster all on one screen. 


Want intelligent productivity features brought to your sales reps?

Key Features


Make calls directly from Salesforce by simply clicking a customer record’s telephone number — no more manual dialing.

Automatic Call Logging

Automatically log calls, map disposition codes to call results, and make Salesforce your single source of truth whilst eliminating the need for additional admin.

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Local Presence Dialing

Let your agents display a local number to increase call pickup rates by 30%.

Voicemail Drop

Pre-record messages to leave as soon as you reach a prospect’s or customer’s voicemail.

Listen Live

Enable supervisors to listen in without being heard, speak only to the agent, or speak to both parties on the line for real-time call coaching.

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Sentiment Analysis

Identify positive and negative sentiment through categories and keywords spoken.

Isn’t it time for a voice solution that works for you?

Start maximizing your ROI in Salesforce using a CTI solution that understands your unique needs.