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Natterbox +



Reduction in cancellations


Visibility of all calls


Decrease in call abandonment

Natterbox provides us with a flexible capability to provide excellent customer service across our teams and allows our team to do their role to the best of their ability, whether that’s in the office or working from home.

Alex Withington, Sales Director

Use case

Sales & Service






BuyaCar is a unique, online-only car retail expert and has been operating since 2002. The company has pioneered the sale of cars online, removing the hassle for customers of having  to visit numerous dealers, and providing access to over 60,000 vehicles from across the country.



BuyaCar knew that purchasing a vehicle is a big investment so it wanted to make the process as simple and easy as possible for its customers. The company also wanted to make the process customer-centric by assigning every customer their own account manager. To do so, BuyaCar needed a phone system that could easily route customers directly to their account manager. They also wanted a Salesforce integrated voice system that could capture all data points from its customer phone calls – whether outbound from the sales team, or inbound to customer support – for improved visibility into the entire business.

Being an FCA-regulated business, BuyaCar also needed to ensure that its solution was as secure as possible, so the team could take payments over the phone and record interactions with the customer (except for payment details) in the case of a complaint.



BuyaCar selected Natterbox’s telephony system for its native Salesforce integration and sophisticated capabilities. The company now uses Natterbox’s call routing functionality to route customers directly to their account manager, or to another member of the same team if they are not available. This means customers always speak to a relevant member of staff, or someone they are likely to have spoken to before.

BuyaCar also uses Natterbox’s call recording capability, which helps ensure its employees are consistently providing the excellent customer service it strives for. In compliance with its security requirements, call recordings stop when payments are made to ensure customers’ payment information is kept secure.

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BuyaCar now has a 360-degree view of the 300+ calls it receives daily. The company also has increased visibility into who is making these calls, how long they last, and how long customers have to wait in the queue. 

With Natterbox they can easily investigate complaints and they have already identified and rectified many customer service issues. BuyaCar has been able to reduce call abandonment by 33% and decrease cancellations by 25% by routing calls to an available agent when needed. The company has also been able to improve its training and coaching processes for staff by assessing a sample of call recordings regularly and learning from difficult situations.

Natterbox has additionally been crucial for business continuity during the pandemic, enabling BuyaCar staff to easily switch between their office and home equipment. The company now plans to expand its work with Natterbox with the implementation of mobile.