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Natterbox has the most advanced Cloud PBX and Salesforce integration covering call management, CTI, reporting and call recording."

David Sinclair, Head of IT & Infrastructure

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Engage Partners is an award-winning recruitment organization with a global reputation for delivering both innovative solutions and great service to their customers. Since launching  in 2008, it has seen rapid global expansion across the UK, Ireland, the U.S. and Australia.

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Engage Partners relies on telephone communication for over 90% of their contact with clients. Because of this, the company needed a reliable phone system that would maximize  employee productivity.

It was vital that the solution be fully integrated within Salesforce while allowing for the capture of client data within a single program that customized different functionalities to aid in their business needs.

Put simply, Engage Partners needed a sophisticated cloud telephony solution that offered improved call management and call reporting within Salesforce. This would allow them to deliver top-tier customer experience.

The Natterbox system also has full support from our consultants. They see every day how it is making them more effective which means they sell more, earn more and therefore positively impact staff satisfaction and retention.”

David Sinclair, Head of IT & Infrastructure


With the help of Natterbox’s intuitive user interface (UI), Engage Partners are able to manage their call policies and users across multiple offices in real time. Each staff member has access to seamless integration which allows them to make, receive and transfer calls from anywhere on any device.

Inbound calls are routed to the correct consultant based on data previously recorded and stored within the Salesforce client record — which automatically opens when a call is made.

Being able to quickly access a call recording from within Salesforce ensures we understand customer needs with great accuracy, and has eliminated an area for potentially costly mistakes.”

Call recordings are created and added to a client’s Salesforce record; an additional automation to ensure elevated customer service and better staff training.

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The customized call wrap-up codes have resulted in a 25% reduction in admin time, and increased overall call reporting accuracy.

With the implementation of call management and data capture processes, Engage Partners estimates savings of £4,000 per user and an annual saving of £200,000 across the business.

Natterbox has delivered at least an hour a day in productivity gains for each user. This equates to estimated £4,000 savings per user and a £200,000 annual saving across the business. All this for a solution that costs no more than our previous telephony system, which delivered a fraction of the benefits.”

Natterbox has provided Engage Partners with full visibility of call data, allowing for customizable reporting and development of business insights for identifying best practices.