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Strengthening Our Relationship With Salesforce

Natterbox Team

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

We were recently chosen to participate in the Salesforce Accelerate Grow program, which helps existing partners advance their growth in the marketplace. The program is led by a network of subject matter experts with extensive experience both within the Salesforce and startup communities. Its goal is to provide the insights and support we need to strategically align with Salesforce and grow with AppExchange. Only 20 companies have the privilege of participating in Salesforce Accelerate Grow each year and we are very honoured to be part of this incredible group. As an exclusive Salesforce partner, we know that what we learn today will allow us to adapt quickly and help our customers progress their business to meet the needs of our evolving world.

We have always dedicated 100% of our development, resources and investment in producing technology that is readily accessible within Salesforce. And as part of the Salesforce Accelerate Grow program, we continue to look for ways to strengthen our relationship as demand for cloud-based solutions grow. We have already started innovating together by outlining techniques to navigate a crisis and best support our customers, tailoring our customer success models to ensure we continually meet their needs, and building ways to deliver value to every customer we serve.

There has never been a more pressing time for enterprises to adopt a completely different service infrastructure, one that allows for seamless cross-channel engagement. “The new normal” is how business will move forward. The key to success will be ensuring that our customers are set up for this new business normal and the many changes that are still to come.

Specifically, the combined forces of Natterbox and Salesforce enable our customers to provide their connected consumers with an unparalleled experience based on our ability to:

  • Deliver full visibility across each customer
  • Increase productivity and efficiency with service agents
  • Personalise the customer experience
  • Prioritise the phone system (i.e., there is no longer a need for businesses to worry about displaying their phone number in a prominent position on their website)
  • For over five years we’ve been working exclusively with Salesforce, a global leader in CRM, to offer the best cloud-based solutions. It is because of our commitment to Salesforce that we allow businesses to manage all phone systems and telecoms in the same platform as their customer data, help desk and marketing. As a result, everyone has access to everything they need in one place exactly when they need it.

Now and in the future, enterprises can rest assured that adding Natterbox to Salesforce programming enables them to make smart business decisions – in real-time and in the system they know best.