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Integrated vs. Native Salesforce Telephony Integration

Natterbox Team


Is 2023 the year to go native? If you’re looking for faster time to results, ease of use and implementation, and to improve reporting and analytics by getting more from your data, then native Salesforce integration could be for you.

In this blog, we explain the differences between the words “integration” and “native” and a detailed list of why native Salesforce telephony matters.

What is native integration in Salesforce?

“Native” is so much more than being integrated. Native means that each integration is designed to work
seamlessly together and draw the very best performance in a way that cannot be matched by disparate non-native integrations.

A native Salesforce integrator means that instead of an integrator being built outside your Salesforce CRM and having to integrate with Salesforce using an Application Program Interface (API), a native integrator is built 100% inside of Salesforce.

What are the benefits of native Salesforce integration?

  • There’s no need for other third-party integration. You only need to support and manage one platform, increasing user adoption and decreasing time to value.
  • A ‘familiar’ UI for admins, reducing training time and removing the need for dedicated third-party platform specialists
  • Straightforward to use and manage, with a huge amount of flexibility and control when it comes to creating caller experiences through clicks, not code.
  • Ensures all data is consolidated to the Salesforce platform for complete visibility of all core call metrics, alongside the Salesforce objects you know and love (Lead, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities).
  • Future proofs your Salesforce investment as Natterbox has dedicated Executive alignment and commitment to Salesforce meaning our roadmap keeps on top of integrating with all the latest features that Salesforce release.
  • Eliminates the need for a bi-directional sync and prevents API surges that push you over your Salesforce limits.
  • Custom record pops, surface the right information at the right time and get users working on what they need to, instantly.
  • The architecture is built on a managed package that allows your data to exist in real-time in Salesforce, so there is no data latency.
  • You partner with true Salesforce voice experts so you can rest assured that your implementation will ensure best practices and align with your business needs.
  • A robust Salesforce CTI that works in multiple browser tabs at once which is also your phone that lives entirely in the browser, no need to keep softphones up to date and secure.
  • Allows for a more seamless user experience with SSO, making it easier for end users since they only need to interact with a single user interface vs. learning multiple.

Looking for integrated telephony? Maybe it’s time to go native with Natterbox.