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We needed a solution that would support our remote teams, fully integrate with our Salesforce CRM and provide us with visibility of performance. Natterbox ticks all of these boxes and more, it's the perfert solution for us.

Andri Studer

Use case

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Kollabo, an innovative HR startup based in Zurich, Switzerland, is revolutionizing the construction industry by connecting skilled workers with staffing agencies for contract employment.



Established in 2018, Kollabo faced significant hurdles with their basic call solution and CRM system. The lack of advanced features in their telecom service and disconnected CRM resulted in labor-intensive processes, hampering their efficiency and effectiveness in connecting workers and companies seamlessly.

The Solution: Unlocking the Potential with Salesforce

In 2020, Kollabo decided to take a giant leap forward by adopting Salesforce as their primary CRM platform. This strategic move empowered them to streamline their operations, but their legacy telecom service failed to keep up with their evolving needs.

Seeking a solution that seamlessly integrated with Salesforce, Kollabo discovered Natterbox Voice for Salesforce. What attracted them to Natterbox was its SME-friendly design, user-friendly interface, and the enticing feature of unlimited calls to Swiss numbers – a crucial advantage for their distributed workforce spread across Switzerland, Germany, and Kosovo.



Natterbox’s 100% embedded integration with Salesforce provided Kollabo with a unified solution, eliminating the need for juggling multiple systems. With seamless integration and a fully integrated interface, agents no longer wasted precious time switching screens and copying information between platforms. Innovative features like click-to-dial and voicemail drop simplified their workflow and enhanced their overall productivity.

Unleashing Visibility and Performance

Once plagued by disjointed systems, Kollabo now enjoys comprehensive visibility into call traffic, volume, and overall performance. Meaningful and actionable data, nearly impossible to obtain before, now enables better performance management and appropriate staffing level planning based on demand. This newfound visibility not only drives optimization but also ensures the provision of professional and efficient experiences throughout the candidate-to-placement journey.

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Kollabo’s decision to partner with Natterbox for all their telephony needs has proven to be a game-changer. The tangible benefits that have emerged include:

  1. Markedly improved overall efficiency, with a significant increase in outbound call capability.
  2. Simplified workflow and enhanced agent productivity through features like click-to-dial and voicemail drop.
  3. Seamless integration and elimination of disparate systems, resulting in a unified and streamlined experience.
  4. Unprecedented visibility into call data, enabling data-driven decision-making and performance management.
  5. Enhanced candidate experience through smart call routing, ensuring timely and effective communication.

Kollabo has transformed its operations by embracing Natterbox Voice for Salesforce. Rising above the challenges of disconnected systems, they now operate with unparalleled efficiency, visibility, and customer-centricity.