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Decrease in call abandonment


Customer service complaints in 18 months


Increase in sales per month

Natterbox is an incredible company to work with! Their product is as good as it gets, and their team is always there to help!

Justin Shaffer, Service Operations Team Lead

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Delphi Technologies, is a global leader in development, design, and manufacturing of vehicle propulsion systems and advanced Aftermarket solutions. With over 21,000 employees, their original equipment manufacturer (OEM) portfolio spans the range of propulsion and vehicle types – passenger cars and commercial vehicles; gasoline, diesel, hybrids, and electrics.



Delphi needed a solution to manage approximately 4,000 monthly customer service calls for both customer inquiries and technical support. Their previous phone system lacked integration with Salesforce™ and this meant that in order to generate reports, the team had to extract data and then import it into their CRM. This led to data being limited, inaccurate and inefficient. Delphi was experiencing 20-30% dropped calls per month and due to limited reporting and lack of data capture, they were unable to determine the cause. This was costing the company $2,000-$10,000 in losses per month depending on call volume missed. They were also receiving at least 3 negative customer complaints to senior management every month and they needed a solution to avoid future complaints.



Natterbox was selected as the preferred solution for Delphi and was able to quickly set the teams up to receive higher call volumes with no downtime while transitioning from their old phone system. With Natterbox being 100% embedded in Salesforce, call data is directly stored within the platform. They no longer need to export and import data. This provides them with more accurate and reliable data, giving them a 360 degree view on their calls and allowing management to be more efficient with their time. During the work from home transition, managers were able to change numbers and set their teams up for remote work within minutes. With Natterbox, they were also able to maintain workflow and minimize negative business impact throughout this time



Now, with a vast amount of call data and reports easily accessible in Salesforce, Delphi has full visibility of their 4,000 monthly calls. Call data is now monitored on a weekly and monthly basis and the management team no longer has to spend hours generating reports as they are updated in real-time natively from the Salesforce platform. Based on the data, Delphi was able to identify the issues causing the drop of calls and were able to reduce call abandonment by 20%. This accounted for an increase in revenue on average of $10,000 per month. Abandoned calls even decreased during the work from home period. Since using Natterbox, customer experience has drastically improved. Delphi has not received a customer service complaint since Natterbox was implemented a year and a half ago. 

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