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We’re really happy with Natterbox. From conception through to deployment, we’ve found them to be extremely supportive, knowledgeable and friendly to work with

Fiona Lind

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Sweaty Betty is a trailblazing activewear brand, founded by Tamara Hill-Norton in 1998. Sweaty Betty recognized the lackluster state of the women’s activewear market and decided to shake things up with their stylish apparel and a mission to empower women through fitness and beyond. Today, Sweaty Betty has become a global brand with a strong web presence, over 150 stores and concessions, and a commitment to promoting sustainability and supporting communities.



As Sweaty Betty continued to evolve, they realised the importance of having a reliable phone network to connect with their customers. With their existing CRM system reaching the end of its support, they switched to Salesforce as its replacement. Additionally, since Sweaty Betty’s agents work remotely, the challenge was to find a solution that would meet their technical needs.



When it came to finding a voice solution that ticked all their boxes, Natterbox emerged as the clear choice. Natterbox offered seamless integration into Salesforce, top-notch call quality, and the ability to support remote users. But what really sealed the deal was Natterbox’s unparalleled flexibility in terms of licences and customizations. The Natterbox team quickly assessed their requirements, effortlessly ported telephone numbers, and provided comprehensive training for agents and managers to maximize the benefits of the new system.

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Since commencing their journey with Natterbox, Sweaty Betty has seen a number of benefits from adopting their chosen solution.

  • Remote workers supported and trained

Sweaty Betty’s team of agents can now work more efficiently, no matter where they’re based. Thanks to the seamless integration with Salesforce, agents can simply log on to their interface, effortlessly accessing the data they need and making outbound calls without leaving the platform.

  • Improved visibility

Managers are also reaping the benefits of the switch. Agents no longer have to juggle multiple systems and screens or log call information separately. With all call information, wrap-ups, and even transcriptions now living in Salesforce, managers can easily gain valuable insights into how agents are performing.

  • Empowered to do more: 

Natterbox takes pride in empowering its customers to take control. Sweaty Betty can now make quick and easy changes themselves when it comes to report building and minor customizations, without having to go through a lengthy support process. Of course, Natterbox is always there to lend a hand with more complex changes if needed.